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Monday, September 1, 2008

Once again picture Sunday, a day late ( please forgive me) won't you, we went to Fallasburg Park, in Lowell Michigan yesterday, we had a wonderful time but boy it sure was hot, we tried to stay in the shade most of the day!100_0849 100_0850100_0847

there were alot of people out yesterday looking for covered bridge's.                                                                         


A $5 dollar fine, if you drive or ride on this bridge, faster than a walk! so be very careful ( HEE HEE).  100_0852

I love the look of it inside!100_0853 

now onto an old school house...100_0855

if you would like to read this, just click on the picture!100_0856

100_0858 100_0863

The school house wasn't open yesterday, we'll have to go back someday and take picture's of the inside, maybe in the Fall!100_0862

This is by a tree, I'm thinking this tree was planted in this teacher's memory.


this is the pavilion at fallasburg, have I ever told you that pavilion is my favorite word, ( pavilion ) love that word Hee Hee ! 100_0838 

Here come my boy's back from along walk! I stayed back and worked on the computer!



Gus is all pooped out! he was a good boy...100_0870

time for a swim, (not) just a walk in the water...100_0872

a nice ending to a perfect day, hope your week-end was a perfect one too! Thanks for your visit :o)


  1. Looks like so much fun.....It is so pretty there.

  2. those look beautiful! I love covered bridges.

    I'm back to blogging now. So, I'll be by a lot more often now. YUMMM that Latte looks sooo awesome down there!

  3. What fun. Glad you had a great day.

    OK, so I just noticed the heart in the latte pictured below...cute!

  4. Awesome pictures Lanny. I love covered bridges. I'll definitely have to go check out that park. Looks like you guys had a great time. :)

  5. that bridge... LOVE... would love to walk my fanny through there!

    what a fun wkend you had!
    really great pics!

    that Gus... he is so dipping cauuuute! well... okay... hubby too! :) btw... how is hubby?
    thought of you quite a lot over the wkend!

    hugs... love!

  6. What a relaxing day! I got relaxed just looking at the photos!

  7. those shots are gorgeous!! how neat!!

    i'm still thinking of you & hubby & sending you all my positive energy & wishes!

  8. Great photos, Lanny. What a beautiful place to visit. :) ~Jill

  9. Delicious photos! I love covered bridges.


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