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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hiccups! yes we all get them... I have a great way to get rid them, I hope you like peanut butter, if you get the hiccups simply go get your peanut butter and a table spoon and yes eat a table spoon of peanut butter and they will go away! it really works! Have a great Sunday... please take a look at my etsy shop it just opened, and your husband called and said you could buy anything you want, LOL Thanks for your visit...  


  1. I just love your advice. The little hip Connor had the hiccups yesterday...isn't that weird that now you are talking about hiccups? I will have to give the peanut butter idea a try. Hey go check out my blog comments under shattered glass, I just got my first ugly comment....really not nice. I kinda feel a little violated,,

  2. Thanks for the glowing comments......
    My Hero, Little Lanny

  3. Sugar works, too. PB is probably healthier, though!!!

  4. Oh, I love me some peanut butter..
    Bring on the hiccups..

  5. Great tip! And like the items in your store!

  6. I love how you "halloween-ized" the fairy door. SO CUTE. I am so ready for fall now. We are still in the 90's--- how can this be.

  7. oh girl have i missed your cheery self!

    computer trouble just STINKS!

    so good to see your shop is up & running! i will of course be taking a peek!

    love to you!

  8. I am going to try that next time for sure! Thanks for the tip! :)


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