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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good morning! what's everyone's plan for this week-end ? whatever they are enjoy...We started off our morning with a good breakfast.  100_0977 100_0978

Hey, who said's you can't have tater tot's for breakfast! Enjoy your day, hope you started your day out with a good breakfast too!  bye for now...    


  1. breakfast for me....I am out the door to two football games and fancy dinner tonight for Connors birthday...

  2. Just drank a protein shake, made breakfast for the love muffin, and now we're getting ready to go to the Fall Festival (outdoor craft/art fair) :) it's always a blast and great for people watching! :)

    Sunday= relaxing!

    hope your weekend is great too!

  3. hey how's the job huntin' going for hubby?? still thinking of you guys!

    ooh...wish you could have made our breakfast this morning! my hubby LOVES tots!

  4. over-easy eggs... sopped up with toast... LOVE!!!!!


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