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Saturday, September 6, 2008

good morning to you, hope your enjoying your week~end so far, what are your plans for the day?  our's are looking pretty good, yard work and enjoying the day. Well there's some action at the fairy door this morning, Hmmm...    boo

they must be thinking about Halloween already! Have a fabulous day, and check back later for a very simple recipe ( Yummy ).


  1. Wow - are the boys excited! They can't wait to come down and see it for themselves. Hope you guys are up and out of your jammies! :)

  2. have fun in the yard .. we are getting hannah rain & wind, but a great excuse to surf the web and catch up on everyone's blogs!! we are still waiting for our fairies to move in. LOL!! wonder where yours got those ghosts from?

  3. You are so kind! The boys just loved the treat from the Fairies - they thought that was pretty cool.
    It is 11:15am and they are already eating one!

  4. Looking forward to the recipe.

    Those fairies are getting me all excited about fall!

    Have a super day.

  5. I didn't know fairies liked peeps. You learn something new everyday :) :)

    My only plans for today are to clean the house a bit. And to sleep in, which I did, but a little too in!!

  6. Oooooo, is Halloween on our horizon! I love peeps, and those ghostie ones are divine!


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