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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Did someone say Potterybarn ?  Okay I love Potterybarn, I haven't been there to much lately, but I can always go online right? as you know fall is my favorite time of year, and I like to dress the house up for Halloween, not a big fan of it, but I like to decorate for it, I received in e~mail today from Potterybarn with all there fun  Halloween decorations, here are a few of my favorites!   



well that's about all I want LOL, Oh how I which our front porch looked like that, I will post our front porch when the time comes. Hope I didn't spook you out to much, Hope to see you soon, and Thanks again for your visit... 


  1. i would LOVE for that to be my porch too!
    check out yankee or their stores...they have some really cute halloween/fall things as well that are must haves!

    hope your weekend has been nice!

  2. PB has such great seasonal stuff, don't they? I just love it. This post has me all excited for Fall now! :) Another thing that has me excited for Fall is my giveaway! Check it out and enter to win! I think you would like the prize! ;)

  3. If only painting a front door weren't so permanent...

    Don't you love those cool black and white images to hang on the wall?? I waaant one!!!!!!

    Hope you are enjoying the fall!

  4. Oh I so want that porch too! Love the black and white look! Just wanted to pop in and say hello, too!

  5. I guess my kids can eat peanut butter and jelly, cus I want it all..... love the candles

  6. i like it! I love fall too. Its amazing how orange and black actually turn out cute, huh? Those skull and cross bones candle holders are right up your alley girl!

  7. i'm LOVING the ORANGE front door... HELLO!!!!!! love that!

  8. I love those benches on either side of the front door on the porch. What a great idea! Now, if only my front porch was that big :)

  9. Love this place too. Wish I could buy ALL their stuff in their themes. Too much fun!

  10. I have a black front door, but now the orange is lookin good!


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