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Friday, September 19, 2008

As you know from yesterday's post that I haven't gotten my pumpkin's yet, I came home from work today and look what was at the Fairy door...


those darn fairies' went out and got there pumpkin's today! what's a women to do! this is what I did...100_0960

I'll show them ( Hee Hee) ! have a great week~end, and thanks again for taking time out to visit... XoXo


  1. You little "Hobby Lobby" .. I am feeling jealous over the fairy pumpkins .. teeheehe .... guess mine will be here soon. Madison was SUPER EXCITED the fairies had started to decorate .. She wants to start pulling our stuff out this weekend after soccer. Must make a run to Micheal's this week. Can't wait to see what is next!!!

  2. You are so cute with your little fairy door. I can't get over how darling it is! I've really got to get one of those but I'm afraid I'll forget to decorate them like you do. That's most of the fun!

  3. Every single time I see that fairy door I go crazy. I cannot for the life of me find one that cute. Yours is EXACTLY what I want to find..

    the pumpkins and little broom?? I squealed. So so so so soooo cute!

    :) P.s. I'm going out to buy LIVING right now. ;)


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