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SiMpLy mE...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Where is everyone ? I'm lonely... at least I'm posting! LOL... Have a great week~end ... Simply Me :)  


  1. I'm here Lanny. I'm trying to get pictures for my next post ready. Maybe I'll have something new up by tonight.

  2. Hi Lanny!! Hi everyone out in Blogland!! I'm missing all of you. We're are having a blast at Disney. Today is Eric's first game of the tournament... wish us luck!! Mickey says Hi!! Hugs~ ~Jill

  3. Lanny!! it was so good to see you sweety and Dennis and Gus too... Glad you are doing well.. :) xo

  4. i know!
    for me i am just nutty busy!
    i've really missed quiet mornings at the computer just visting with friends. i bet in a few weeks when school is back in full swing!
    love ya!!!!!


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