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Monday, August 25, 2008

                   Wanted to share this...                  



Sorry, something came over me! Have a fabulous Night!


  1. Great idea! love it!

    Come by and see the last installment of my mystery trip!

  2. Hello! Thank you for this post. Please know that I am smiling right now. Your blog makes me feel happy and nice. :) ~Jill

  3. Love it! Do you know how many times in a day that I wish people would do these things!

  4. lanny,
    i feel like i know you because i see your comments on sooo many of my favs! i check your blog often too, but have never left a message, but after seeing THIS post, which i absolutely LOVE & believe wholeheartedly in, and reading a bit about what you & your hubby are going through w/his job situation, on someone else's post, i had to drop a line today!

    my hubby & i have been going through similar situations w/his job...he left his firm for various reasons & began working out of the house...the last 18 months have been soooo stressful...trying to find the right thing to come along, do what he can to stay afloat at the same time...and with lots & lots of prayers, just this last week, he found a dream job & started IMMEDIATELY!! it was truly, truly incredible how it all came about! i have never seen my husband so happy...or at least in a very long time!

    so i will DEFINITELY pray for you both and know that prayers are answered, but they just come in God's time!!

    hope you'll stop by & visit me sometime:)
    sending you best wishes, blog friend!!

  5. I wish I could wear this sign on my forehead! Loving operation nice.

  6. Love this. We all need to carry this sign around as a reminder every second of every day. Great post girl!
    Hugs, Angie Seaman


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