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Friday, August 15, 2008

A short post and then off to bed ! just wanted to show you my Vintage find today.100_0808

okay, I've been looking for one of these baby's for a long time and I found it about 2 blocks from here, and at a good price! I added the basket which I already had and then picked up some mums!100_0806

it even rides nice, I rode it down the street and then parked it! It's been along time! I'm thinking it looks pretty good here! Now a up date on the fairy's, I think there starting to move in, I saw a broom by there door! Hmmm. 100_0803

they must want it alittle cleaner! I think there going to be picky, I wonder where they get that from :)  Have a great week~end and Thanks again for your visit...


  1. Sweet bike! And it's my favorite! Your personal touches make it even sweeter.

    Boy, the beauty around your house is not the image I have of Michigan. I only hear ugly stories because my husband goes to Detroit on business a lot in the winter time. (We're not winter people.) So, we're going to ask for forgiveness for lumping all of Michigan in with dilapidated Detroit.

  2. Love the bike! Just darling! Ane that wee broom...yes I think you are right something is a brewin'

  3. La la la la la la la... cool bike!! Looks sorta like Pee Wee's Big Adventure bike. That was always my favorite!! I love the color. You have just been finding all kinds of cool things, girl!! ~Jill :)

  4. Great bike! And I love the flowers in the basket!

  5. me too! i have been on the hunt for a vintage bike for so long!
    i came across one the other day... for a MERE 600 dollors! :0

    what fun... what a find! the basket is magical... love it lanny!

  6. i. am. so. jealous.

    i have also wanted a bike like that for quite osme time...but in red

    congrats on your perfect find.


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