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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good afternoon, sorry I haven't been posting much got lots going on, keep us in your prayers! Here's a sneak peek for Tuesday's open house...                                                                         


The Stool I did last week!       


A cute little bucket, to put in your laundry room for the family to put all there change in, Thanks Carissa :)


and  a magnet board! fun for anywhere in the house! Thanks so much for stopping by & I will post Wednesday with picture's from the open house! Have a great day!


  1. looking forward to seeing pics from open house.

    did you make the magnet board? where do you get the large sheets of metal for that? i have been itching to try to make one.

    have fun!!

  2. Mary, check lowe's for the metal sheets!

    Simply Me.

  3. way to cute. I love the change bucket....
    check out my blog i tagged you,

  4. these are great projects!
    the change thing is prefect.
    my current catch-all is the old cup that comes on the detergent bottle! and it's full.
    this is much cuter.

    have a good today.....

  5. so great Lanny!
    i will certainly keep you & hubbie in my prayers!
    the change... may it be a blessing!

  6. You are in my prayers...hope everything is going ok :-)

  7. I love the magnet board. Really cute things!

  8. Oh Lanny... love these items!! I wish I could blink myself over to your Open House! We can't wait to see the photos. Good luck Wednesday!! Hugs~ Jill :)

  9. I love the words you put on the magnet board and the little bucket. How did you do that? Good luck with your open house!


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