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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good afternoon, hope all is well in blog~land :o) well as you know from reading my blog the pasted few days I was getting ready for a open house, this is where you could come relax from the kiddo's  eat, drink & go shopping sounds like fun RIGHT! it was a fun night but, not alot of buyers,only because it was also a open house of another kind were you couldn't relax,eat,drink,& go shopping it's called school open house! where Mom's & Dad's go meet the teachers get to see what room the kids will be in etc... So it was pretty slow at our open house which I was kind of already planning on, but I still had a nice time! here's a few picture of the things I had for sale... pictured below. 100_0824  100_0825 100_0826100_0827100_0828100_0830

so there you have it! I'm thinking about doing Etsy shop! on my blog so look for it in the near future, Thanks for your visit today :o)


  1. You did your EAT letters in the exact same scrapbook paper I used. Well...not the T, but it's close! Take a look:

  2. you are super crafty! i would love to see you do an Etsy shop!

    how do you get that label cloud? i can't figure it out!

  3. You should definitely do an Etsy shop! I love all of your stuff :)

  4. You should totally do etsy! I think you would do well!

  5. I AGREE!!!! You should do a shop's so fun and rewarding .. and your stuff is SO CUTE!!!

  6. Love are way too talented.....
    Are you doing o.k. I know you said your hubby was having some changes in his life, just making sure you are hanging in there

  7. ABSOLUTELY open an etsy shop!
    how fun!
    those are all super treats!

    oh my goodness... why did silly school need to get in the way! darnit!

    my husband held the annual town hall meeting... last year over 325 attended... this year... scheduled on the FIRST night of school... MAYBE 100 came... big bummer!

  8. So cute! Love the EAT letters!

  9. I've been missing you Lanny! Your Open House items are adorable. Please open an Etsy shop!! You would do great. Hope all is well!! Hugs~ Jill :)

  10. So cute! I love your "pocket change" bucket...I do something everything! thanks for sharing!
    Sandy Toes at

  11. New to your site and loving it. I am getting all inspired. :)

  12. Great stuff! I am sure those things would do so well on an etsy shop! You should do it!

  13. Love all your creative things. I would have had fun browsing.

    Have a good weekend and don't be a stranger.

  14. Lanny, I will definitely be lifting you and your husband up in prayer. Sometimes making a decision like quitting a job is the hardest part so yea for your husband. Now it's just a matter of trusting God. One of my favorite quotes is from a former pastor of our church and dear friend...he says "When you stumble, make it part of the dance."

    Love ya!


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