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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Week~end blogging! that is the Questions ? well I know I do, You! I think summer blogging is hard for a lot of you, sometimes I feel lonely, I feel as if I'm the only one out there ! but I understand completely. Speaking of week~end's this week~end I'm going to the Ann Arbor art fair, and going to the Red Shoes Store, I'll take lots of picture's OK! I can't wait. My friend and I do a road trip once a year, last year we went to Ikea. My hubby leave's Sunday for a week long fishing trip, I know I will miss him, but it's good for us, I mostly miss him at night, I'm not sure why I just do! Now another Question ? do you ever watch flipping Out on Bravo? I've been watching it for awhile but I just get a big kick out of the main guy Jeff, he's a hoot and I can see myself in him sometimes but I don't dare to be as rude as he is, here's a clip from the show!                                   

let me know if you watch this! Hope everyone has a great week~end and I'm sure to see you soon:)


  1. i love that show.
    i am hoping when i uncover the DVR in the construction zone upstairs it will have many many episodes recorded for me.
    i love it.
    he is a total nut!

  2. I know! All the regular bloggers/10 posters a day are on's slim pickings out there!

    Also can relate to the missing your hubby, especially at night. I guess that's the time that couples spend the most time together.

    Never seen the show...ah, life with 3 kids. ;)

  3. Oh girls... this summer thing is crazy. Our beach trips were completely spontaneous. Now I have the Frio River and Disney!! I'm excited but I'm tired. I miss staying up late... blog stalking. Life will be back to normal soon I hope. I think I will enjoy getting back into a "school" schedule. :) Wow Lanny! I hate that I missed your give away!! I would've been a maniac with that one. :)


  4. That clip just made me LOL at my desk! Just what I needed this morning...thanks girl!

  5. I miss blogging! Just when I think I can sit down and type.. someone needs something IMMEDIATELY! I must say, I am looking foward to having the kids back in school.. at least I can have some quiet time to catch up with my blogging buddies!!

  6. I love this show and I love Jeff.

    Please let there be another season!!


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