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SiMpLy mE...: plain old lucky I guess!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

plain old lucky I guess!

a few weeks ago my husband cut of some branches from our tree in the front of the house, after he was done he asked me where are my old converse shoe ? I said why your not thinking about wearing them again are you ? no he said I'm going to put them up and the tree like we use to do when we were kids! shoes

so that just what he did, he said I wonder if anyone will notice them ? I said well let's make a game out of it, who ever notices first wins ice cream on us! about a week went by and no one noticed yet it was just killing him LOL... he's just like a kid I tell you, so yesterday we were all outside and our friend next door looked up and the tree turned around looked at Dennis & I and said do you know there's a pair of shoes up in your tree? we yelled winner winner and he looked at us like we were nuts! so I went in the house and give him his gift!nate 

I think he likes it, but I think he still thinks were nuts, but that's ok! Thanks again for stopping by:)    



  1. :o) That's cute! Lucky kid.

  2. I love it! He seems pretty happy to me. Take a look at that smile!

  3. One lucky little dude!! :) ~Jill

  4. oh i'm sure you made his day!!!

  5. Honey,
    He has good reason to think your nuts.

  6. Found you at TCB and had to comment on your shoes in the tree. Years ago hubby & I were driving across Nevada and came across a shoe tree in the middle of nowhere - thought you'd be interested in knowing about it - you are not alone in your strangeness! LOL


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