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SiMpLy mE...: 4.25.2008

Friday, April 25, 2008


Bead Letter W E E from simmering      sweet ecard letter nD2

TGIF..... It's only been 3 days, but to me it feel like forever! Did you miss me? LOL... Well yesterday I took my Hubby to work and then went and got the oil changed in the truck, why does it always seem that when I go to get the oil change there's something else they want to do! Hmmm. well any way, no more talk about that. I was about 3 miles from a little town called Holland Mi, so I decided to do alittle window shopping that's always fun right? I took afew pictures and wanted to share them with you. Hope you enjoy! 100_0212  100_0211

Is this a cool cat or what, he lives in this flower shop, and just happened to be in the window as I was walking by, so I took his picture. Hello kitty!!! let's move on100_0213

This shop has great spices!100_0214

Same shop!100_0215

These were the smart people, in town!!!100_0216

The name of this shop is Sole Mate! Cute Cute Cute! one of my Fav's.100_0217

This is the Peanut store, My Mom worked here when she was just a young girl! 100_0220

Okay you caught me! but I was just looking!100_0221

Bracelets!                                                   100_0223

Just a display, in the shop!  100_0224

Don't ask me!100_0227

Love this store too... 100_0206

It is getting close to Tulip Time May 3-10 100_0208

Well I hope you enjoyed your stroll down 8th Street. Hope you have a grand week-end!


  1. JUST change your oil... heck no! you need a new air filter... have your transmission flushed... you're air filtration could use a flush too! always something! :)

    i really enjoyed that stroll! Sole Mate... clever as ever! I like that door's hardware too! :)

    Happy Friday gal pal!

  2. Yes... we did miss you Lanny! Love those photos. I love going into cute little shops like that. :) Have a great weekend!

  3. What beautiful shops! I love to stumble across places like this.. it doesn't happen often enough. That Soul Mate store would have been the end of me. So glad I stumbled across your blog.. it's wonderful. Have a great weekend Lanny.

  4. Lanny, love your photos, also think Holland is a neat little town! Made me feel as tho I was walking down 8th. st. myself// Tulips are beautiful, love the kitten Thanks for shareing! Char

  5. Awww man Lanny, I wish I could've gone with you downtown Holland. I haven't been in ages. I always loved it when Christian worked down there (and was totally jealous) although he's SO thankful to not be down there right now. Working downtown during tulip time is not so fun traffic wise. You got AWESOME pictures. You totally captured the quaintness of Holland. :) Lovin' your new widgets and the fun letter titles. :) Happy Sunday mornin' to ya. :)

  6. Alright Lanny,
    You reminded me of what a cool town Holland is.
    How about a lunch date and a stroll when it warms up past 50 degrees.
    I loved the tulips.

  7. o.k. where are these great shops and how do I get there?????

  8. your shopping trip looks like fun!
    i am need of some retail therapy....badly.

    i would start at the candy store. :)
    even window shopping sounds nice right now.
    or that glass of wine from the previous post.


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