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SiMpLy mE...: 3.7.2008~PM

Friday, March 7, 2008


As Promised. What you will need, Wooden Letters found at your hobby store, fun scrapbooking paper , pencil, sponge brush, scissors, and Mod Podge. 

100_0060  100_0061100_0062


First trace out letter onto paper, cut out and glue down onto wooden letter, then rub out any bubbles and repeat over top of letter. Let dry and hang were desired. I use poster puddy. Hope you enjoy your letters... Thanks for your visit.100_0066 

1 comment:

  1. How fun! These are fantastic. Makes me want to go to Pages in Time and pick out some papers to go with the stuff I wanna do in my studio room. One of these days I'll actually start decorating in there. :) Love these.

    Hopefully this was the post you were working on last night. If you're still having trouble with one give me a call. I should be around pretty much all day. :)


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