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SiMpLy mE...: 3.17.2008 PM

Monday, March 17, 2008

3.17.2008 PM

Well Hello, I'm so sorry but this post may bore you, because I'm posting about nothing. How do you post about nothing??? Well here it goes, This week-end I got alot done around here, cleaning, my fav and laundry another fav. Went out for awhile Sunday with my honey and then a boring night at home but thats ok too! Watched wedding Crashers twice, and alittle bit of hgtv Oh I love the channel, they gave that big house away I think the lady was in shock she didn't say to much I felt sorry for the host she didn't know what to say, but I guess I wouldn't know how I would act either so who am I to say! tomorrow night is bunco night, are there any bunco players out there? the theme is hot chocolate night Hmmm not sure what thats all about but I'll take pictures! Did anyone watch Oprah today? I was so move by what Simon did,what a guy I always did like him . Well this was kind of along post about nothing, don't you agree? Look for some changes later in the week,I can't wait, poor shawn from Eclectic Whimsy, boy that girl is something else. very talented Thanks again for visiting, I'll leave you with alittle Wedding Crashers. Lanny.



  1. Your weekend sounds like heaven. Can't wait to get together this week. Great post about 'nothing'. :)

  2. I like your post about nothing! I thought it was something! Yes... very familiar with Bunco. Let us know how your "Hot Choco" night goes. My husband and I love Wedding Crashers too and I absolutely LOVE Ben in Real life!!!!! Steve Carell is my favorite. Put it on my tab!!


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